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Interlect is a family business. We want to use a personal approach to support companies and organisations in their international communication.

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Our history

Interlect was established by Hildegard Ritter in 1996 under the name Ritter Taalcontact. With German being her mother tongue, the company initially focused on business language courses in German, translations from Dutch to German and German interpretation services.

In 2011, oldest son Vincent decided to join the company. He loved his job as a tax specialist at Ernst & Young, but the call to become an entrepreneur beckoned. A previous study had allowed him to get a taste for entrepreneurship and he decided to join the family business.

The growth of the company, an increase in international customers and a view to the future resulted in 2014 in a decision to move away from the company name Ritter Taalcontact and to continue under the name Interlect.

Interlect: a different name, but still the same high quality and personal approach to our services.

Mission and vision


We want to advise and support companies and organisations in the process of achieving their (inter)national ambitions. In the process, we focus on both the internal and external communication.


In a world that is becoming increasingly more global, Interlect wants to be seen as an authority in the field of international communication.

Our services:

We advise companies about the use of language and culture as a strategic tool for internationalisation, with the aim of achieving a higher revenue. We do this by means of the Interlect language strategy that we have developed, high quality business language courses and cultural training, professional translations and interpretation services in more than 20 languages.

We will gladly work with you on your international success! Please contact us using our online form. If you want to give us a call to discuss language related issues please do. You can reach us on 085-40 17 825.

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