Language as common thread

Language communication strategy

Do you want to achieve a higher revenue from your international clients and prospects? Do you want to know how you can use language to communicate even more effectively with your clients and prospects? Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition?

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What is a communications strategy?

The Interlect Language communications strategy is an analysis that examines the effect of other languages and cultures on the revenue and efficiency of your organisation. The strategy offers tailored advice that is built up of three steps:

Identification --> Advice --> Actions

The end result is a tangible plan containing practical advice and action points, which you can implement in your organisation in order to increase revenue or work more effectively.

Why would you need a language communications strategy?

For Dutch companies, there are many opportunities beyond the borders. Unfortunately many opportunities are not utilised, because organisations fail to estimate the effects of language and cultural differences, or estimate these incorrectly. This is a missed opportunity, because language and culture form the common thread between you and your client or prospect.

The Interlect Language strategy shows you the opportunities and points for improvement within the organisation needed to realise international ambitions.

Who benefits from our Interlect strategy?

The Interlect language communications strategy is for entrepreneurs and employees who:

- Realise that thorough preparation is crucial in achieving success.

- And understand that the challenges in international communication are not linked to certain sectors, are independent of company size or experience and that every company faces its own unique challenges and has its own unique qualities.

Experience has shown that SMEs employing 12 to approximately 250 fte (full-time employees) benefit most from a good language communications strategy.


The Interlect language strategy is tailor-made. Several sessions may be required, depending on the size of your company.
We can give you a better idea in an obligation-free meeting. Please fill out our contact form and we will set up a first free meeting. If you prefer a quick telephone call, you can reach us on 085-40 17 825.

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