Learning a new language is like discovering a new world

Language courses

Do you want to improve your communication with your international customers? Do you want to avoid miscommunications with your foreign colleagues? Then attend one of our business language courses.

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A business language training course tailored to suit your wishes and goals. During a personal meeting, we will take stock of the goals and then we will assess the current language skills level by means of an intake meeting. Interlect provides language training course in English, German, French and Dutch.

Tailor-made business language courses

Because language can be used in many way's and forms we try to tailor our language courses to the specific needs of our client's. Topics that can be discussed or touched upon:

  • Writing professional e-mails
  • Telephone conversations with customers
  • Making a sales pitch
  • Increasing your vocabulary
  • Writing quotations/tenders

The topics listed above are incorporated in the course material, which is tailored to suit the branch that you are employed by and the position that you hold. As a result, you will learn the language more quickly and effectively.


Interlect supports students in learning a foreign language at all levels. We can assist you if you are a beginner, intermediate or if you have a more advanced understanding of a language.

Intense or phased

The type of course that is most suitable for you depends on the time that you have:

  • Intense: a short, intense course in which you can make rapid progress.
  • Phased: a longer training period allowing for more opportunities to apply the course in practical situations. This often results in a deeper understanding of the language.

Individually or in groups

We offer individually language courses, company training and group language courses (open enrolments).

Our trainers

Interlect has a friendly and professional team of experienced trainers who will help each student to achieve his/her language-related goals.


Our phased business training is primarily presented in-company. Our lecturers will come to you. This allows you to save on travel time and travel expenses.
The intense business language courses are often held at an external location.


Every student learns in his own way and at his own pace. Therefore, we will always offer you a tailor-made quotation for your language training. This quotation depends on the type of training (individual, company training or group training) and the contents (language only or a combination of language and culture).

In addition, a time investment is also required for following a course. In addition to attending the lessons, you will need to factor in 2 - 3 hours of homework per session. Failure to complete this homework will have direct consequences on the end result that the student wishes to achieve.


For a free quote please use our online registration form so we can contact you. Do you want to have a quick call to discuss your situation? No problem, call us on 085-40 17 825.

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