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Don't let language get in the way of your employee's performance. Interlect offers Dutch language training for expats and Dutch training in the workplace.
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Dutch language course

Interlect provides Dutch language training for companies and organizations in all sectors and at all levels. The Dutch business language course is a tailor-made training course. Depending on the objectives, activities and learning pace, the teaching material is tailored to the specific situation of the student.

Course form

Before the Dutch language training starts, we hold an (oral and written) intake. Based on this information, we determine the starting level of the student and determine the goals together. The client receives a proposal from us for the content and structure of the training. In consultation, it is determined what the lesson duration, the schedule and location will be. Interlect offers intensive or phased training, both individually and in groups.

Our trainers

Transferring the Dutch language and culture is the specialty of our team of Dutch teachers. They have a lot of experience in giving Dutch language training to a wide variety of non-Dutch speaking students. Our teachers provide in-company training (at your location), training at the office at Interlect or, if desired, at an external location.

What our customers say

Building lasting relationships with customers is important to us. Read below what customers say about us.
“ I really like the quality of the services, very professional, fast and the person who attended to me, Vincent Vitters, was very helpful. ”
Leandro , Brazil
“ De communicatie met Vincent verloopt altijd prettig en informeel. Hij is duidelijk over de prijzen en leverdata van de vertalingen. Soms levert hij zelfs sneller dan toegezegd. De vertalingen zijn prima. ”
Stefan , Valkenswaard
“ Tussen offerte en daadwerkelijk aangeleverde vertaling zaten geen 24 uur. Van bestel formulieren tot POS materiaal keurig netjes. ”
Leon Elders , Tilburg

Tailor-made language course Dutch

Would you like to see with us what options there are to remove the language barrier among your employees? Please contact us or request a quote without obligation. We are happy to prepare a quote for you in consultation.


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