Dutch language courses

You want to ensure that an international knowledge employee feels more self-confident about contacting your colleagues and customers in the Netherlands. Do you want to ensure that your expats understand the Dutch language and culture?

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The course material is tailored to match the student's specific situation, depending on the goals, activities and pace. The focal point is the practical implementation of the Dutch language course in the field of work.

The lecturer will get to work with the student depending on the goals that have been formulated - for example, improving verbal or writing skills. Cultural differences will also be discussed extensively.


An intake meeting is conducted to determine the language proficiency and to set your goals. One of our Dutch lecturers will contact you about this.


We offer Dutch language courses for businesses at all levels.

Way of learning the language

The type of course that suits you best depends on the time that you have available.
Intense: short, intense course in which you can make significant progress.
Phased: training over a longer period, allowing us to discuss situations that take place in practice.

Individually or in groups

Your employees can follow one of our language training courses individually, together with a number of colleagues or in a group (open enrolments).

Our trainers

Our team of Dutch lecturers has a vast amount of experience in presenting language courses to a large variety of foreign-language students. Both individually and in groups, from beginner to advanced and in any position: nothing is too strange for our team of lecturers. It is our pleasure to pass on the Dutch language and culture.


In-company: our lecturer will come to you to present the Dutch business language course. This allows you to save on travel time and travel expenses. Our intensive Dutch business language course is often presented at an external location.


Every student learns in his own way and at his own pace. Therefore, we will always offer you a tailor-made quotation for your language training. This quotation depends on the type of training (individual, company training or group training) and the contents (language only or a combination of language and culture).

In addition, a time investment is also required for following a course. In addition to attending the lessons, you will need to factor in 2 - 3 hours of homework per session. Failure to complete this homework will have direct consequences on the end result that the student wishes to achieve.


For a free quote please use our online registration form so we can contact you. Do you want to have a quick call to discuss your situation? No problem, call us on 085-40 17 825.

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