Professional translations

You have a document that requires professional translation, taking into consideration the specialist jargon and cultural differences. Then Interlect is the correct place for you.

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A good translation starts with a sound inventory. What is the aim of the text that you wish to have translated? For example, should the text be SEO/SEA proof, has specific technical jargon been used?

Through the use of the latest technologies and by building a translation memory for your texts, we can ensure that your translations are more consistent in choice of words and you receive a discount for repetitions. You have one point of contact throughout the translation process.

Our specialisations

Having the best translators for your translation, that is our guarantee. In order to guarantee the quality of your translation, we are specialised in:

  • Legal translations for lawyers and notaries.
  • Financial translations, e.g. for accountants and tax advisors.
  • Technical translations, e.g. for R&D companies and test centres.
  • Medical translations for the translation of complex medical documents.
  • Commercial translations for the translation of - among others - websites and leaflet materials.

Professional translation agency

Interlect, the translation agency in Eindhoven and surrounding areas, offers professional translations in more than 20 languages, including sworn translations. For each language and professional field we have a professional translator with knowledge of the local culture and specialist jargon.

Fast delivery times and competitive rates

As we use the latest techniques, we are able to offer you a very competitive rate in almost all cases. In addition, we also offer revision services. Our professionals read your text for you and dot the i's and cross the t's.


The price of a professional translation varies for each document and depends on a number of factors. For example: the number of words, the language combination, the subject matter, deadline, whether a sworn translation is required or not. You can also contact us for urgent translations.

By specialising ourselves, we are able to offer you an even better translation at a competitive price.


Do you want to receive a quote for the translation of your document? Use our online form for a free quote. Just in need to have a quick call to discuss your translation? No problem, you can reach us on 085-40 17 825.

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