Professional interpreters

If you struggle to achieve effective communication due to language and cultural barriers and you want to avoid any miscommunication. Then a professional interpreter from Interlect offers you a solution.

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When to use an interpreter?

You can use an interpreter when you suspect that language and/or cultural differences might hamper effective communication. The use of an interpreter can prevent any miscommunication and the ensuing results. This is important, because miscommunication can result in confusion and this always ends up costing money and possibly even loss of clients.

Type of interpreter

Depending on the situation, we will sit down with you to determine the most suitable method of interpretation. Our interpreters can perform simultaneous interpretations, cabin interpretations, conversational interpretations or whispered interpretations. Both regular or certified. 

Our team of interpreters

We have an extensive network of professional interpreters with vast experience in different interpreting situations and subjects. Professionals who will convey your message to your conversational partner and ensure that you understand each other.


The price of a professional interpreter's service varies for each situation and depends on a number of factors. Please contact us for an obligation-free quotation. Just in need for a quick call to discuss the situation? No problem, give us a call on 085-40 17 825.

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