If you struggle to achieve effective communication due to language and cultural barriers and you want to avoid any miscommunication. Then a professional interpreter from Interlect offers you a solution.
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Hire a professional interpreter

You can use an interpreter when you suspect that language and/or cultural differences might hamper effective communication. The use of an interpreter can prevent any miscommunication and the ensuing results. This is important, because miscommunication can result in confusion and this always ends up costing money and possibly even loss of clients.

Interpreter: indispensable in many situations

A good interpreter is indispensable in many situations. In business communication with a potential customer, but also in court when not everyone is fluent in the Dutch language. But an interpreter can also offer a solution at a notary or at a conference and ensure clear communication.

Interlect has many years of experience in different situations and languages. We have specialized in-house interpreters for many language combinations. Looking for a court interpreter, notarial interpreter, scholarship or congress interpreter or an interpreter in healthcare? We are happy to help you.

We offer interpreting services in 20 language combinations, the most requested are:

  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • farsia
  • Thai
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • English

In addition, we also provide interpreting services for the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Hindi
  • Albanian
  • Hungarian
  • Czech

Type of interpreter

Depending on the situation, we will sit down with you to determine the most suitable method of interpretation. Our interpreters can perform simultaneous interpretations, cabin interpretations, conversational interpretations or whispered interpretations. Both regular or certified. 

Interpreting services for healthcare providers

Interlect can also be used as an interpreting service in healthcare. We are active for, among others, dentists, general practitioners and mental health care providers, but we also provide clarity in communication with non-Dutch speakers who do not speak Dutch for health and safety services and municipalities. Would you like to know more about our interpreting services for healthcare providers? Here you can read everything about interpreting services in a healthcare environment.

Solutions for every situation

Does the situation require an interpreter’s booth or is a whisper set the best solution? Depending on the group size, it may be advisable to set up an interpreter’s booth or to work with a whisperset.

  • Interpreter booth
    An interpreter’s booth is a closed room from which the interpreter has an overview of the speaker and the room. This prevents the interpreter from having to talk through the speaker to get the information across.
  • Whisper set
    When using a whisper set, the interpreter sits in the same room and immediately translates everything that is said into a microphone that is connected to the headphones of the listeners.

Naturally, Interlect can advise you on the best material and the best solution for your situation. In order to optimally serve our customers, it is possible to rent an interpreter set with up to five receivers at a reduced rate.

Would you like to know more about the whisper set or request a quote for the rental of a whisper set? Here you will find all information about interpreters with a whisper set.


What our customers say

Building lasting relationships with our customers is our top priority. Read below what customers say about us.
“ I really like the quality of the services, very professional, fast and the person who attended to me, Vincent Vitters, was very helpful. ”
Leandro , Brazil
“ De communicatie met Vincent verloopt altijd prettig en informeel. Hij is duidelijk over de prijzen en leverdata van de vertalingen. Soms levert hij zelfs sneller dan toegezegd. De vertalingen zijn prima. ”
Stefan , Valkenswaard
“ Tussen offerte en daadwerkelijk aangeleverde vertaling zaten geen 24 uur. Van bestel formulieren tot POS materiaal keurig netjes. ”
Leon Elders , Tilburg

Need a sworn interpreter?

In some situations it may be necessary to use a sworn interpreter. Our interpreting team in Eindhoven and Amsterdam maintain a large network with a wide selection of professional interpreters who are also sworn in. They can be used, for example, at court hearings, witness examinations and the passing of deeds. A sworn interpreter is registered in the RBTV register. To this end, he or she has taken an oath or vow in court and a duty of confidentiality is also standard part of the job. Confidential information is therefore in safe hands.


The costs for a professional interpreting service are always tailor-made and depend on various factors such as the language and the number of hours per day. You can request a quote without obligation via our online request form. Is there a rush with your application? Please contact Interlect by telephone on 085-40 17 825 and we will help you quickly.

Frequently Asked Question:

Do you provide remote interpreting services?

Yes, in addition to telephone interpreting services, our professionals can also be deployed to interpret via video calls or to interpret by telephone.

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Fill in the information below and we will contact you within 1 business day.